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Big titted teacher Jaylene Rio fucks her students

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"I am totally into pleasing the man," Latina sex bomb Daylene Rio said. These pictures from Daylene's sex education class prove it. According to various surveys, Latin women may be the hottest and most-passionate of all the women in the world. If that's true, then Daylene is their poster girl. "I think about sex all the time," says Daylene. "Pleasing men comes from my background, where the man is the king - we use the Spanish term 'papi chulo' - that means 'hot daddy'." Daylene is really into cock adoration. "I like it when a guy tells me what to do, when he shows me who is the boss. That's my nature. The more a guy talks dirty to me, and bosses me around in bed, the hornier I get and the more I talk dirty. Like when a guy talks in a sexy voice and tells me to get on my knees and suck his cock, I get all flushed and my skin gets tingly." Where are the teachers who have a body like Daylene Rio's? SCORE wants to meet them and make them an offer.
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